Your Crown Jewels Hang Outside of Your Body, Right?

They have to because they are designed to be always more than 3 degrees cooler than your constant 37 degrees core body heat. Your balls are important! It’s where testosterone is made. Squashing them against your groin in a warm, elasticated pouch is not healthy. Just ask any doctor or health professional. gif maker 27

Until Now 

There have only been two main types of underwear for men: snug-fitting, elasticated underwear such as Tighty Whiteys, Boxer Briefs, Trunks, etc., and bulky, loose-fitting Boxer Shorts. Now, there is a third choice—the Boxerkilt. We replaced the pouch with an edgeless opening, allowing your cremaster muscle (that’s the muscle that raises and lowers your testicles) to always be free and unrestricted. This design also ensures maximum air circulation and essential heat dissipation.
Testers give their Views
I thought it was some kind of joke or just something designed to spice up a date night, but to cut a long story short, they feel amazingly comfortable, also when you wear them in bed it’s just like sleeping naked.
Keith Lavel
Fort William
At first, you are aware that there is no support, it is all kind of dangling and free to move, but after 30 minutes it just feels normal but cooler. After ten days I switched back to my usual briefs and immediately I got an uneasy feeling that I was wearing something warm and restrictive, a bit like wearing very thin cycling shorts. The Boxerkilt is an absolute no brainer, even more so if you sit all day in a warm office seat.
Roger McNulty

Wearing a Boxerkilt gives you all the advantages of Going-Commando with non of the drawbacks.

4% of Men Don’t Wear Underwear. Because they feel it’s important to be cool and unrestricted.  

Here are a few Examples

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